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In Your Dreams - Amy    Martin
"Hand shaking, I reach out to his raised upper arm, but instead of responding to my touch, his fingers remain balled into an immovable fist, his skin feeling stiff and cold on my fingertips. The term rigor mortis pops into my head. Oh my God, I think. Way to go, Zip-he's dead. You killed the new kid. But how? Did I literally bore him to death?"

I received this book from the author Amy Martin from a discussion thread on Goodreads. This is the first book I have read from her. It is written from Zip's perspective.
There are several characters involved. You have the main character Zip, the brother and sister who start at Zip's school: Kieran and Kayla, Zip's mum, her grandparents and Kieran's parents.
I really liked the characters in this. They are all strong, and I felt a big connection with them. I could feel what they felt throughout the story. I believed and followed the characters so well that I felt an emotional connection. I felt my heart leap and jump around, and I even found the character Kieran adorable. He was so sweet and courageous, and his sleeping disorder didn't let him down. I really felt happy for Kieran and Zip when they got together. I could feel the sparks between them, and when they kissed, I was like "yay!". You can see Zip has a good relationship with her family, which is nice. Kieran's sister Kayla starts off not warming to Zip, as she is being protective of her brother, but when she realises Zip is actually decent, she then begins to trust her. There is also a mysterious character who you meet near the end, but I'd rather let you read to find out who that is, rather than ruining it for you.
I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. It's an interesting one, and I haven't read a novel with this sort of synopsis before. When I read what it was about, I jumped straight on it and requested to read it, and I'm really glad that I did.
I like the overall structure to this book. I really liked the ending, and I can't wait for the sequel, which is due to release this year. There was so much going on in this book that I was drawn to every page. I couldn't stop, and found I was reading until the early hours of the morning just to see what happened next. I honestly didn't want it to end.
The cover design to this book is nice. It's a simple, but unique picture of a closed eye.
Overall, I'm going to give this book a well-deserved five stars because I simply loved it so much that I know I will read it again. It made me feel all sorts of emotions and I loved the storyline. All the characters were amazing, and I most definitely recommend to anyone. If there was a sixth star, I would probably give it, as it was that awesome.
If you like stories with narcolepsy, romance, family mystery, then this is definitely for you. Well done Amy Martin =D

Happy reading =)