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Loving Danny: CosmoGirl / Piccadilly Love Stories - Hilary Freeman "Isn't it weird how the truly significant days of your life often begin as the most banal? There you are, just minding your own business, doing something boring and ordinary like buying a Kitkat or, in my case, catching the number 29 bus home from work, and boom! thee most momentous and life-changing vent happens to you!"

Naomi is stuck at home with her parents whilst her friends are out traveling and going to university. Upon a bus journey, she meets the mysterious Danny, who just happens to be a lead singer in a band. What starts off as a nice friendly encounter, turns into a relationship. This is a love story between Naomi & Danny. When reading, you see a typical relationship: the ups and downs and the emotions that the characters are showing. But then there is also sadness and depression hidden beneath the cracks.
In terms of character, I feel I can relate to Naomi. When we're young and in love, we are all crazy for that one person, and all opinions of them and situations don't matter apart from our opinion and our significant others. This is the same for Naomi. When her parents or friend look down upon Danny, she doesn't want to talk to them and will go off with Danny to be around him, rather than them. I feel respect towards her when she sticks up for herself in terms of career or what she wants.
The chapters in this book are a nice size; they're not too long, not too short, which is nice. I thought the storyline was interesting. We see a normal relationship with the usual good and bad sides. You can really understand that there is love between the two. When I read the depressing bits, I even felt for the characters and was longing for them to get past their troubles.
This is the first book I read from Hilary Freeman, and I enjoyed it. The ending was quite sad, but I respect Naomi in her decisions, and I really hope that she finds happiness again. I gave this book four stars because it deserved it. I don't think it would be a book I would read again, but it also wasn't a bad book. Whether it's worth buying, that's up to you. If you enjoy stories about life, romance and its complications, then go for it. Overall it as a good book & I recommend to all who enjoy these kinds of books.
Happy reading =)